Mural Walk

Babak Tavakoli

Curator and Lead Artist

Babak Tavakoli is an El Paso based muralist who specializes in highly detailed spray paint murals.

Babak brings his love of the borderland and Chicano culture into large-scale, vibrant urban, paintings. Using a juxtaposition of realistic images and abstracted forms, Babak creates uniquely blended, captivating pieces.

Babak brings over a decade of experience to his craft, with formal education in oil painting from the University of Texas at El Paso; the combination of these allowing him to work within both the world of fine art and the world of urban murals. He has collaborated with the El Paso Museum of Art on multiple occasions as well as art galleries, where he performed live mural painting. In his professional work he has painted for a wide variety of local businesses in a range of themes, from underwater scenes and desert landscapes to portraits of iconic film characters and sports hall-of-famers. In his personal art ventures, Babak takes inspiration from his Iranian and Mexican heritage to create abstract imagery that explores the concepts of multiculturalism and personal identity.

Babak Tavakoli holds a deep appreciation and love for the border region, and is committed to the cultural enrichment of the city of El Paso through the production of public art that is unique to our community.

Babak Tavakoli

Mural Walk, Paola Martinez


1. Babak Tavakoli @untappd.babak
2. Daniel Hernandez
3. Staphany Garnica
4. Knoes @_knoes_
5. Pablo Hernandez
6. Miranda Luna
7. Ashes
8. Lady Wolf @littlelady_wolf
9. Deko @deko_uno