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Christin Apodaca

Christin Apodaca is an illustrator and muralist living and working in El Paso, Texas. Inspired by nature and the relationship to our surroundings, Apodaca creates black and white line drawings that weave native plants and the human existence into surreal, dream-like compositions. Her works usually include nopales, yucca and creosote (to name a few) to represent endurance, strength and life.

By using only black markers as her tool, Apodaca creates values and textures with a simple cross-hatch highlighting the negative space around it. Shapes are defined by the weight of her lines. Color is then imagined by the viewer and created by their relationship to the subject matter. Apodaca feels that artwork doesn’t always need color to be powerful.

Apodaca attended the University of Texas at El Paso as well the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque where she studied oil painting and received her bachelor’s degree. Upon moving back to El Paso after graduating, Apodaca has created more than fifteen murals in the community. She has worked with UTEP, NMSU, Tecate, West Elm, The Salvation Army and many local El Paso businesses. Apodaca hopes to continue to inspire others in her community through her art and passion for painting.

Christin Apodaca

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